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Our Philosophy

At M43 Fitness, our goal is for you to end your workout feeling mentally and physically equipped to take on all that life throws at you. A well-rounded health and fitness routine brings immense personal growth. Our members are committed to making exercise an integral part of their weekly routine. The fitness community at M43 is a support structure meant to hold you accountable and be a resource to lean on. Unlike any other training facility around, we provide the opportunity and tools to crush goals you thought were out of reach and to push to be the best version of yourself. We are here to break down the barriers and build you up. Collectively, we work to achieve greatness. 


Our Facility

Our equipment will help you move better in your day-to-day life and perform better athletically. We have Ski Ergs, TrueForm Treadmills, Air Dyne Bikes and Keiser Functional Trainers—some of which you may have never used before. We would love a chance to give you a tour. Click the link below to schedule a time to meet us!