M43 Fitness: sweat session at lululemon


Last night, the Lansing community got a sneak peak of everything M43 Fitness has to offer. Scott Abramouski, M43 founder, and his wife, Arielle, led a fun and intense 30-minute sweat session at the lululemon in Eastwood Towne Center. The event was followed with beer, snacks, and a raffle for some sweet M43 Fitness shakers.

The warmup started with some dynamic stretching and moved quickly into some agility ladder drills. As Scott had the group jumping in and out of the ladder backwards, he joked, “we’re going to test this one before and after the beer.” The group was made up of different ages and different levels of endurance and strength, so the workout was created to be taken at your own pace. They cycled through five exercises in groups, completing eight rounds of each exercise with ten second breaks in between each round. Exercises included air squats, straight-let sit ups, push ups, lateral band walks, and medicine ball slams. 

Scott reminded everyone they had to earn that beer! Spirits were high even when energy was low, and Scott kept everyone motivated until the very end. Cracking open an M43 or Hey Diddle Diddle when the sweat session was over never tasted so good. The rest of the evening was spent as a Q&A with Scott and Arielle. They shared some details about all the cutting edge equipment they’re putting in at M43 Fitness in preparation for its grand opening. They also shared some of their favorite health and fitness podcasts, tips for eating Keto and intermittent fasting, and a glimpse into the app they’ll use to take the personal training outside of the gym and into your pocket.

In just a couple hours, the group had a pretty solid idea of what M43 Fitness is all about. The way Scott transformed a group of strangers into comrades that held each other accountable and pushed each other further only scratched the surface of what M43 has to offer. If you want to learn more, check out: M43 Fitness: the facility, the activity tracker, and your new fitness inspiration. M43 Fitness is opening soon. We’ll see you there