Benefits of working on mobility

Most people will hit the gym to work on strength training or cardio, but no matter your fitness routine, it’s important not to neglect mobility. As we age, even with an active lifestyle, focusing on mobility patterns can yield several benefits for overall health.

Attention to mobility can help you improve flexibility, allowing your body to move freely with full range of motion. This enhanced range of motion comes into play during your workout; flexibility can help you engage the right muscles with enough tension to yield results.

Practicing more efficient movement patterns can help your body operate more effectively. With good mobility, you can target the correct muscles and have a higher change of moving into higher weights. This helps improve muscle mass in the long run.

Incorporating mobility exercises can help the overall function of your body. You are far less likely to experience injury or discomfort from physical activity with proper movement patterns. This is especially important for youth athletes, who are at high risk for injury.

For those who struggle with exercise due to joint pain, mobility exercises can help stretch and elongate muscles to help alleviate stress on joints. The more you can incorporate these practices into your fitness routine, the more you will start to see other aspects of your health improve.

Here are some examples of beneficial mobility exercises:

  • The Superfrog
  • T-Spine Roll
  • Splash Extension
  • Lunge & Twist
  • Lat Hang
  • Inchworms/Bird Dogs
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Lying Hip Rotations