Books & podcasts to educate & motivate

Sometimes staying motivated in your fitness journey can be difficult. One of our favorite ways to stay in the game is to read a health-inspiring book. We know people don’t always have a good time to sit down and pick up a book; that’s why podcasts are a great alternative. Whether you’re driving to work or cooking dinner, make the most of your time to learn something new. Podcasts can also be helpful if you don’t have someone holding you accountable or are struggling to stay on track. Here’s a few of our favorite books and podcasts!


“The Model Health Show”

Bestselling author Shawn Stevenson tackles numerous health topics like weight loss, sleep problems, and heart disease, and makes them easy to comprehend for his large audience of listeners. “My mission is to help you become the strongest, healthiest, happiest version of yourself,” says Shawn. Many listeners have called his podcasts transformational. Simply listening to someone discuss different aspects of health accurately and with scientific evidence can help you stay strong in your fitness journey.


“Fat Burning Man”

“I help folks to improve their relationship with food, activity, and life by circumventing marketing myths, misinformation, and corporate scheming by eating real foods and engaging in effective, science-backed training to make you lean, healthy, and energetic,” says Abel James. Abel started "Fat Burning Man" after he realized the “healthy” diets seen in magazines or on TV were causing him to be fat & started doing some research of his own. His podcast is engaging, entertaining, and covers topics like: fat loss, the psychology of eating, exercise to beat depression, reversing autoimmune disease, and cooking healthy meals on a crazy schedule.


“Ben Greenfield Fitness”

This podcast focusses on fitness, nutrition, fat loss, anti-aging, and health advice from New York Times bestselling author, Ben Greenfield. We can’t even begin to explain the range of topics Ben covers. Each episode is fresh with new content and plenty of interviews with exercise, diet, and medical professionals. With consistent provision of new research, Ben’s podcast takes a mind-body-spirit approach for achieving optimal health.



The Warrior Diet by Ori Hofmekler

Hofmekler looks back to the times of hunger-gatherers, the Greeks, & Romans to tackle weight loss and improve health. This book covers how to mimic the warrior mode of cycling, which involves working and eating minimally during the day and filling up at night. Hofmekler shares nutrient rich foods to fuel up & different foods to reduce body fat. The book also includes various drills that promote speed, strength, and endurance. Hofmekler also includes a section about how to customize the warrior diet for women!


The Wild Diet by Abel James

The man who brings us the “Fat Burning Man” podcast has published this book to share, in great detail, his successful weight-loss program. He says you could lose up to 20 pounds in 40 days! It sounds too good to be true, but all James’ claims are backed by science. He shares how amid his transition to a paleo-inspired diet, all his health issues seemed to disappear. He shares the “secret” to good health is simply getting back to our roots.


The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson

For anyone considering starting the Ketogenic diet, this book is a must! Mark Sisson makes the transition from standard American diet to Keto painless. The book starts with tons of insight into the benefits of Keto and what happens to your body when you intake more fat and less carbs. It walks you through, step by step, what your journey to Keto looks like. It even has a little quiz after each section to make sure you’re ready to take the next step towards reseting your metabolism. Sisson’s book is easy to understand and a real support system for anyone trying to go keto.

These are just a few of our favorites, but we will definitely share more in the future! Remember, it's important to be informed about your health and the journey you're pursuing. And sometimes a good podcast is all the support system you need!