How heart rate monitors can help you drop that stubborn weight

Activity tracking has quickly become a popular way to make lifestyle changes and reach fitness goals.  A big part of that tracking for many people is heart rate monitoring.  I’ve been tracking my heart rate for about two years now, but to be honest, I never really did anything with that information. So I decided to do some digging and figure out how this data can be useful in helping me make some progress with my fitness journey.

Shortly into my research, I was left confused with copious amounts of research that kept contradicting every other source. As with most of my health and fitness questions, I texted Scott Abramouski, founder of M43 Fitness.

“Hey Scott, I’ve been reading up on the ‘fat-burning zone’ where your body burns more fat than glycogen. However, other sources are saying that higher intensity (aerobic or anaerobic for HIIT) workouts will burn more fat because they burn more calories as a whole.”

Scott responded quickly, saying that this one would be better answered with a phone call.  I was ready to get to the bottom of the research. Which way is the right way?  Do I want to pump my heart rate up or stay in the sweet spot (fat-burning zone)? Scott’s answer was, “both are correct.  The heart rate discussion has always been up for debate and it will always be up for debate.”

Many student athletes play multiple sports.  So in between classes and homework, they also have practices, games, and training sessions.  While some trainers will push an athlete to their limits every single day, Scott says a good trainer will use heart rate and other data to look at a person more physiologically; a good trainer will know if a person has worked super hard the past two days and could use a more functional, recovery day.

So where do you want your heart rate?  Scott says he likes throwing curveballs at the body.  Periodically, it’s ok to get your heart rate up into the aerobic and anaerobic zones, but it’s not something you want to do all the time.  Heart rate levels are case specific.  It’s important to know what your body can handle and when it needs time to recover.  Heart rate data let’s you see how hard someone pushed themself.

M43 Fitness is the perfect solution for anyone looking to track their progress and see results.  With your membership, you have the option to add on a MyZone heart rate monitor which syncs directly to their activity tracking app.  And if you’re overwhelmed with the information and not sure what you should be looking for or working towards, M43 is definitely the gym for you.  You’ll have a trainer, like Scott, keeping tabs on your information and making sure you’re working hard enough to reach your goals, but doing so safely.  If you think M43 Fitness might be the gym for you, check it out here: M43 Fitness: the facility, the activity tracker, and your new fitness inspiration.