How to actually achieve your New Year’s resolutions

Think back to this time last year. You started to decide on some New Year’s resolutions to make this one better than the last.  Did you achieve what you set out to accomplish?  For the majority of people, that answer is “no”.  It’s fairly easy to start but difficult to keep going.  So what can you do different to make sure 2018 is actually your best year yet?  Here’s some tips to actually see some positive change in the new year.

Set a goal and make a plan.  Some people will say, “why wait for the New Year when you could start right now?”  It is absolutely ok to give yourself a start date, just make sure you stick to it!  Use the time before you begin your overhaul to create a plan for whatever you wish to achieve.  For many people, their resolution is related to fitness.  Have you found your gym? Planned workouts? What groceries will you be buying?

Make sure you set a reasonable goal.  Ambition is extremely beneficial for the new year, but be sure to set a realistic and attainable goal.  Set yourself up for success by creating a SMART goal.  I’m sure you’ve heard this acronym at school or work, but SMART goals are used because they are more likely to be achieved.  SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, & Timely.  So before you start figuring out how your going to make that new resolution come true, make sure it’s SMART.

Find at least one person who will support you.  Pick at least one person who will have a positive impact on your journey to a better year.  Share your goal and plan with them and update them with your progress as you go.  Make sure your support system is reliable.  Nothing makes a resolution fall through like a support system that stops supporting.

Track your progress.  Sometimes it’s hard to see just how far you’ve come.  By tracking your progress as you go, you can measure your success.  Find which method of tracking works best for you: a journal, pictures, a planner, or an app for your phone.

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