M43 Fitness: the revolutionary activity tracking app

The new year is approaching, meaning gym memberships are going to sky rocket. Unfortunately, shortly after the new year, gym attendance plummets and New Years resolutions are abandoned. Maybe its loss of motivation, maybe its lack of a plan, or maybe its a busy schedule that causes so many to abandon ship. No matter the reason, M43 Fitness has an app that will keep you on track to succeed. 

This app is a powerful activity tracker that’s included with your membership! The app will detail a workout plan that is designed specifically for you and the results you wish to achieve. Each exercise contains an instructional video so you can learn each exercise as if you were in-person with your trainer. Unlike most gyms, this one cares about your success and will keep you on track with text and email reminders. See what M43’s founder, Scott has to say about your success: M43 Fitness: the facility, the activity tracker, and your new fitness inspiration.

If you’ve ever had your workout partner bail on you, you know how hard it is to convince yourself to go alone. With no one to hold you accountable, what’s to stop you from staying home and binge watching that show everyone says you need to watch? At M43, there’s always someone to hold you accountable—like a personal trainer in your pocket. Even if you’re not using the M43 facility, by using the app, Scott will know whether or not you started the workout he created just for you. There’s nothing like a text from Scott asking why you haven’t started your workout to make you put down the bag of Doritos and get to work!

If you’re interested in this level of commitment from a personal trainer but don’t live near Lansing or travel frequently, there’s a special online-only membership just for you. You still get the personalized workout plan and accountability from your trainer, but the freedom to utilize whatever facility you can get to. Aside from day by day workouts with videos, meal plans, and text and group chat communication, the app also allows you to track body stats and progress photos so you can see just how far you’ve come!

But if you do live in the Lansing area, you won’t disappointed. Scott handpicked each piece of equipment to support workouts that yield results. Check out some of his equipment here: M43 Fitness: you are the machine.

If you’re looking for for a gym that genuinely cares about your success and will provide you with all the tools you need to reach your goals, M43 Fitness is just what you need.