M43 Fitness: the facility, the activity tracker, and your new fitness inspiration


For most people who are ready to start their fitness journey, not knowing where to start or not knowing how to drive results is enough to fall off track before even beginning. Not everyone has a degree in Kinesiology (or knows what it is for that matter) or is certified as a personal trainer and nutrition specialist. Fortunately, for the Lansing community, Scott Abramouski is. Scott is the founder of M43 Fitness, a new gym and fitness movement opening soon, and he’s serious about helping you reach your fitness goals.

I started M43 Fitness because after going through many life transitions, I realized that helping people see the best in themselves is what gave me the feeling of most self worth. From the smiles on clients’ faces to the texts I get on a day to day basis, I love the camaraderie and how people are pushing themselves further and harder than they ever could have imagined. Fitness is here to stay and with our current society we are needed more than ever. Personal Trainers will be the first line of defense in health care before long.
— Scott, M43 Fitness Founder

And in case you were wondering (I was), Kinesiology is the study of body movement. If you were wondering if M43 would be a good fit for you, Scott’s degree, multiple certifications, and over 7 years of experience provide him with the ability to work with anyone. 

Through my years [as a personal trainer], I have worked with children, paraplegic athletes, college athletes, and elders. Everyone needs the same movement patterns, just some more advanced than others. Prospective clients always doubt their abilities or over emphasize their limitations, but there are always ways around limitations to achieve their goals.
— Scott Abramouski

If you’re trying to get back into a fitness routine after an injury or dealing with any physical or medical restrictions, Scott is committed to help you find success.

If you haven’t guessed already, M43 isn’t your ordinary gym. A membership isn’t just a pass to use some gym equipment; it’s a fully personalized fitness plan, a cutting edge facility to work out in, and an app that’s like a personal trainer in your pocket to keep you working towards your goal no matter where you are. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just be a little healthier, Scott will craft a routine that’s just for you, nutrition tips included!

If you’re an experienced gym goer and just need a facility where you can be independent, I promise one look at all the equipment will win you over. Check it out here: M43 Fitness: you are the machine.

Or if you’re a total beginner or just need someone to hold you accountable and keep you on track, you’ll have all the guidance you need from personal trainers along with the App that is included with your membership. Learn more about this ultimate activity tracker here: M43 Fitness: the revolutionary activity tracking app.

M43 Fitness aims to take the focus off of aesthetics and focus on personal development. You’ll be challenged throughout each step of your fitness journey and set up for success. This isn’t one of those gyms that sells you a membership and hopes you never show up; M43 Fitness is invested in your success.

No matter the goal, I am here to be by their side and help them along the way. There will be good days and bad days, but as long as we can work together, no goal is too crazy. My focus is for everyone to continuously better themselves inside and outside of M43.
— Scott Abramouski, M43 Fitness Founder