M43 Fitness: you are the machine

Have you ever stepped into a gym and wondered how you’re supposed to fit in the strange contraption in front of you or which button to press to make it come to life? Technology has its place, but maybe super high-tech gym equipment isn’t ideal. The founder of M43 Fitness, Scott Abramouski, has created the perfect balance of raw gym equipment and technology to support cutting edge activity tracking and help you succeed.

Imagine a treadmill that has no motor, no tricky buttons or settings to configure, and no electrical consumption. Intrigued? M43 has TrueForm treadmills that feature a slightly curved deck and a belt that doesn’t move unless you make it. You are the machine. Your movement and force are what controls the movement of the belt. The design is meant to encourage proper technique for walking, jogging, or running by focusing on posture, balance, and pace. If this sparks your interest, you may enjoy some of the other equipment at M43’s cutting edge facility:

    • Keiser Functional Trainers
    • Kettlebells
    • Dumbbells
    • Barbells
    • Sand bags
    • Agility Equipment
    • TRX
    • Sleds
    • Rowers
    • SkiErgs
    • Airdyne Bikes
    • Battle Ropes

But what about activity tracking? With your membership, you get the option of adding on a MyZone activity belt to track your heart rate. MyZone’s MZ-3 tracker performs at 99.4% accuracy; that’s the highest accuracy outside of an EKG machine! If you’ve ever had an EKG done, you know it costs anywhere from $30-100 (with insurance) and you end up waiting and waiting to finally get your results. M43 offers the MyZone tracker for less than $10/month. And the best part about it? Results sync automatically to your M43 App. Learn more about the app and its unique activity tracking here— M43 Fitness: the revolutionary activity tracking app.

If you’re interested in hopping off the machines and becoming one yourself, M43 Fitness is the gym for you. Don’t stress about making the switch to a new gym or pushing yourself to achieve new goals—M43 is designed to support you along the way. To learn more about M43 and what it’s all about, you can read more here: M43 Fitness: the facility, the activity tracker, and your new fitness inspiration. If you’re ready to see the results you’ve been working towards, check out M43. You won’t be disappointed.