MyZone MZ-3 Belt: increase motivation, skyrocket accountability, see results

The MyZone MZ-3 belt is a a monitor you wear across your chest that measures your exercise effort. This technology goes beyond simply monitoring your heart rate—although it does that with 99.4% accuracy. The MZ-3 lets you view your efforts live on your smartphone, challenge your friends, and connect to your other wearable devices like an Apple Watch or Garmin!

Using the MZ-3 and MyZone app, you can earn MEPs, MyZone Effort Points. These points are earned by exercising within your desired heart rate zone over a period of time. While you’re working out, you get to view a live tile. This tile is an overall summary of your efforts at that point in time. It will show how many calories you’ve burned, your heart rate, your MEPs, and your effort as a percentage of your maximum heart rate. There are 5 heart rate zones that are each represented by a different color. Your tile will transform to the corresponding color so you can see a representation of your effort in a quick glance.    

At M43 Fitness, you can get your very own MZ-3 belt for $80. And while you work out, you can view your live tile (and other members’ live tiles) up on the big screen! MyZone helps to increase accountability, which we’re all about at M43! Through their app, you can view a calendar that gives a full view of your activity from day to day as well as minute-by-minute breakdowns of previous workouts. The app will even store up to three years of data so you can truly see your progress.

With MyZone, it doesn’t matter if you’re at the very beginning of your fitness journey or well into it; MyZone doesn’t measure the miles you run or the weight you lift, it measures effort, putting everyone on an even playing field.

MyZone’s mission is to motivate you to put in the effort required to get the health and fitness results you want. We do that by driving a sustained adherence to exercise by using a relevant device, a specific metric around effort, and an active online community. Because the reality is if you hit your numbers, you’ll hit your goals.