Should you invest in weightlifting shoes?

Are you trying to lift more weight? If you answered “yes,” then yes, weightlifting shoes can pack some serious benefits. Most gym shoes are made for running and absorb impact. While this is great for running, it’s not so great for lifting. Ideally, you want shoes that are going to allow you to drive more force into the ground to help increase your weight load. If you’re pushing off into memory foam or other soft sole alternatives, you won’t be able to drive much force. 

Most lifting shoes are going to have an elevated heel. This raised heel improves your ankle range of motion. This, in turn, allows you to get into a deeper squat. Overall, this can improve posture and form for those serious lifts. A single leg day in a pair like this is all it would take to convince you that lifting shoes are a worthwhile investment. 

Weightlifting shoes also tend to have a strap across the middle to keep your foot in place. This stability is extremely important when you start moving up in weights. Most shoes will also have a rubber sole. This is ideal for support and traction. These shoes focus on providing the ultimate support and stability while allowing you to generate as much force as possible. 

Weightlifting shoes were designed with weightlifters in mind. They’ll help activate more muscles, improve strength, and get you results. So if your serious about weightlifting, we recommend getting yourself a dedicated pair of lifting shoes.