The woman behind the gym

“To be healthy takes a great investment in yourself. There is no better feeling than getting stronger, getting to know your body, and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. My fitness journey has taken me down many different paths, but my experiences have taught me that success has one common denominator: hard work.”

Meet the woman behind the gym, Arielle Abramouski. Arielle shared how she was raised by loved ones with good intentions, but who didn’t necessarily understand nutrition. She has dedicated herself to learning all about nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyles. Now she wants to use what she’s learned to have a positive impact on others. After just a short conversation, you’ll find yourself putting all your fitness trust in this strong lady. She’s incredibly resourceful and relatable with unwavering enthusiasm.

Like many of us, Arielle admits she struggled with staying motivated and incorporating movement into her daily life. Workdays are long and daily stress can make hitting the gym feel like a low priority. She says the biggest factor affecting her motivation is accountability.

“I am so fortunate to have a partner that holds me accountable and pushes me to be the best version of myself.”
— Arielle Abramouski

Scott and Arie, M43 Fitness owners and the power couple we all wish we could be, have so much passion and dedication for what they do. Every square foot of their facility, each piece of equipment, each feature of their activity tracker, and every aspect of their memberships was thoughtfully created with your success in mind. We caught a little glimpse of the M43 Fitness environment when they hosted a sweat session at the local lululemon. Within minutes, a group of strangers were pushing each other to work harder, and the scene never strayed from positive encouragement.

“Our goal is to know our members’ strengths and weaknesses so that we can all work together to be the best versions of ourselves.”
— Arie Abramouski

M43 Fitness is opening soon. We’ll see you there.