Why two-a-days will get you results

Even the most frequent and experienced lifters can experience plateaus. If you get too comfortable in a routine, even with the heaviest weights, progress can come to a complete halt. Two-a-day workouts are a great way to add some variety to your fitness strategy. They help strengthen muscle, improve gains, and cut body fat!

While working out twice a day may seem like overkill, each workout should only be about 30 minutes and can have significantly better results than a 60 minute workout. Most people who partake in two-a-days are able to lift and train more intensely. With longer workouts, we subconsciously conserve our energy throughout the beginning so we can make it through the end. By working out in 30 minute spurts, you can keep the intensity high from start to finish. This results in burning more calories and bumping up your anabolic systems.

For two-a-days, it’s best to separate your daily workouts by at least 6 hours. This gives your body enough recovery time to perform strong for your second round.It’s important not to neglect your warm up and cool down since you’ll be working out twice each day! It’s also important to carefully structure these workouts to avoid overtraining. They are best used to overcome a plateau and start making progress again. Ideally, you should do two-a-days two weeks at a time and then take two weeks off.

If you’re considering two-a-days, use heavier weights for your first workout and go lighter in the second. Pay careful attention to your diet and sleep while busting through these workouts to avoid overtraining and ensure recovery.